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The Attraction Of Tarpon Fishing


Tarpon (also called "The Silver King" or "Sabalo" in Spanish) are a majestic fish that should have whole books written about it, not just this woefully inadequate website summary. The Tarpon reaches over 7 ft in length and over 300 pound and is typically discovered inshore, making it one of the biggest fish that somebody can fish for without a big boat. Follow the link Click To Visit Site for a host of tips on fishing for tarpon in Key West in the Florida Keys.

Since they are able to gulp air directly, Tarpon can live in both fresh and salt water. They primarily consume fish, shrimp, and crabs. Tarpon have really large scales that make a nice souvenir after you launch one. The bone-hard mouths make them challenging to hook. The jump consistently while surging around hugely once they are addicted. They commonly toss the hook or part the leader when they do this. It is an awe-inspiring sight to see a 6ft fish leap 10 feet out of the water right alongside your watercraft.

I hooked rather a few Tarpon prior to I landed one. Time after time I would have fish jump from the water and throw my bait right back at me. It got extremely discouraging, once I started fishing for them with lure and circle hooks my success rate increased considerably. It's certainly possible to land them on baits however you will lose even more than you land. Instead of chatting about how numerous Tarpon they caught, individuals discuss the number of Tarpon they "jumped".

Tarpon are bad to consume and have a a great deal of irritating bones so they are normally launched.


You do not require incredibly heavy tackle to fish for Tarpon. I have heard of people landing Tarpon over 100 pound on 8 pound test line. I do not suggest that unless you have caught numerous that you are getting burnt out and require a challenge. 30 pound test need to be light sufficient to give you a battle however heavy adequate to not over-tire the fish in most circumstances. Braided line will work but monofilament absorbs the shock of their violent knocking much better. Obviously you need to scale down if you are fishing for juvenile tarpon, which in my experience are no simpler to hook than the big ones. A great medium size outfit is an Accurate Trinidad 16N or a Daiwa Saltiga spinning reel.


Tarpon are caught nearshore as well as in estuaries and rivers. They can be caught on bait or baits however bait with a circle hook will provide you the very best possibility of landing them. Trolling with Rapalas will create some bites but you will not land an excellent portion. That method is primarily just great for sharpening your reflexes as you need to duck rapidly when the Tarpon jumps and throws the Rapala straight back at you.


I have actually hooked a great deal of Tarpon on jerkbaits like the Yo Zuri Crystal Minnow however landed really couple of since the treble hooks often get removed. In the right scenario they will bite a range of baits including poppers, soft plastics, and jigs. Whatever you utilize, you need to attempt to use something with a single hook (more challenging to toss) which does not give the Tarpon much leverage to shake it loose. For example, they will bite jigs in numerous circumstances but if the jig is heavy they will often throw it.

Some fishermen have actually had success with lures that move far from the hook in order to give the fish less take advantage of.


Many of my Tarpon landed have been caught on live or dead sardines. I always utilize a circle hook. You simply wait until a Tarpon has actually taken the bait and is swimming off, then put the draw in gear and begin reeling to obtain the circle hook caught in the edge or top of its mouth which are the 2 places you can hook them where it could in fact stick.

Added Tips

When you have hooked a Tarpon, it will often instantly jump into the air and start thrashing around. As quickly as it gets involved in the air you have to right away drop the rod idea to make the line slack. This is among the couple of circumstances in fishing where you desire slack line while fighting a fish. This is called "acquiescing the King". If you keep the line tight, it makes it a lot easier for the Tarpon to snap the line with its violent head shakes. Even when you know you ought to bow to the King, it can be tough to do due to the fact that the leaps can be so unexpected, particularly the first one. Raise the rod and reel the line tight as quickly as the fish re-enters the water. When it has actually stopped jumping you ought to put as much pressure as you can and change angles frequently. This confuses the fish and assists you get it in earlier. If you simply use constant pressure from one instructions it will determine the amount of resistance it needs to put up to stay clear of being drawn in and it will install just that much resistance. Also, if you let it rest throughout the fight it will come up, gulp some air, and get a 2nd wind.

When I was fishing in Costa Rica a couple of years ago utilizing the above strategies I had the ability to land Tarpon ranging from 70-130 lb in 15 minutes or less. Some other individual guys (much larger than me) were fishing making use of the exact same deal with in the same area. Each of them was just able to attract one fish because it took them over an hour to obtain each fish in. They were putting continuous steady pressure on the fish (and sometimes letting them rest) as opposed to differing the angles and actually pulling hard. After one fish each they were done for the morning and headed back. It is very important that your line constantly be moving. If line is not removing your reel, you have to be reeling. If you let the fish rest they will take much longer to catch.

Where To Get The Huge Ones

The most significant Tarpon worldwide are all caught in Africa (Sierra Leone is supposed to be great) but I have no experience with that fishery. From what I have actually read you don't get a bunch of fish, however the couple of you get allow. Florida has a lot of fish and Key West is my favorite. The Caribbean side of Costa Rica is where I have likewise had some best of luck. One day I landed 13 fish in between 8-11am, and the greatest was around 130 lb.

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